Continuation of a strong cooperation

The Silicon Europe brand and collaboration was created within the project "Silicon Europe - Developing a leading-edge European micro- and nanoelectronics cluster", funded as CSA under the 7th Framework Programme, Regions of Knowledge (GA 320004) of the European Union.

Within the project, six word-class clusters have collaborated to create an alliance to strengthen the leading role of the European semiconductor industry in the global economy and value chain.

During the Silicon Europe project it was demonstrated that each region has got its individual strengths that need to be focused in order to achieve a leading role in the global playing field. To take advantage of these capacities and to better allocate resources in the cost-intensive ICT industry, the Silicon Europe Alliance is sustainably strengthening the network of European actors working in this high-tech industry. In order to achieve an even higher innovation frequency, investments in research and product development need to be focused. Silicon Europe offers platforms that help linking individual core competences, needs and expectations of the European high-tech regions, thus strengthening the European technology leadership even more.

Encouraged by the success of funded Silicon Europe project (2012-2015) the decision was taken to continue the strong cooperation beyond the timeframe of the project, as an association welcoming other European micro- and nanoelectronics clusters.

The following founding members have established the Silicon Europe Alliance as a continuation of the Silicon Europe project in October 2015:

Founding Cluster Members

  • Silicon Saxony
  • Minalogic
  • DSP Valley
  • High Tech NL
  • Business Cluster Semiconductors Netherland
  • ME2C -Cluster

Founding Associated Members

  • AEPI - Grenoble-Isere Economic Development Agency
  • Oost NV (East Netherlands Development Agency)