Silicon Europe Worldwide

(2016 - 2018)

Today, the micro- and nanoelectronics (MNE) industry is a global industry. Many of the MNE companies, whether large or small and medium sized enterprises are part of a global value chain. This means that, in particular for high tech clusters, competition takes place not on a regional nor on a national level but on a global level. Therefore, international business development has become increasingly important to improve the competitiveness of enterprises of all sizes. Six European MNE clusters are cooperating to implement the third country internationalisation strategy as defined within the Silicon Europe project.

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Silicon Europe project

(2012 - 2015)

The Silicon Europe brand and collaboration were created within the project "Silicon Europe - Developing a leading-edge European micro- and nanoelectronics clusters", funded as CSA under the 7th Framework Programme, Regions of Knowledge (GA 320004) of the European Union. From 2012 - 2015 six renowned European clusters have joined forces with the objective of bolstering Europe's position as the world's leading centre for innovative electronics.

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