Fondazione Distretto Green & High Tech Monza Brianza

The Fondazione Distretto Green and Hi-Tech of Monza Brianza has been instituted on the 18th June 2008 by four different entities: the Provincia di Milano (that from June 2009 passed the competences to the Provincia of Monza Brianza), the Association of the Municipalities for the Distretto High Tech Milan Brianza, Confindustria Monza Brianza and Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Artisanship and Agriculture of Monza Brianza. At the beginning of January 2015, Municipality of Monza started to be part of the Founders, to further sustain the Distretto's activities. The direct involvement of the founding members in the Board of Directors, inspires the guidelines for the Distretto's acitivities, focused in the industrial sectors which see important companies that represent the history of the Territory paving the way to "aggregation" and hence "act as a clusters."


Fondazione Distretto Green and High Tech Monza Brianza
Via Lecco n. 61
20871 Vimercate


Giacomo Piccini
General Manager
Tel.:+ 39 03989086302


Paolo Piccinelli
Market Manager
Tel.: +39 03989086304