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Pole SCS (Secured Communicating Solutions  Cluster), created in 2005, is an ICT cluster based in the SUD region, in France, and gathers more than 300 members, including companies (and 70% of SMEs), research centers and educational institutions mainly in the fields of microelectronics, IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Security and also in telecommunications and software domains.

The cluster represents 60 000 jobs in these fields, 26 multinational companies, 1200 researchers in the public sector and 18 educational institutions training 1500 engineers per year. Its aim is to promote the development of competitive R&D projects between all these players with the support of local communities, in order to design and develop new solutions targeting high-growth markets such as IoT, smart cities, smart homes and smart buildings, smart grids, Industry 4.0, logistics and transport or e-health.

It also aims to contribute to the creation of an appropriate ecosystem for the overall regional ICT landscape, especially through the development of SMEs. SCS is also offering numerous services and products to its members, including access to technologies, to various platforms and to expertise and is promoting digital innovation to foster growth and employment in specific growing markets.

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SCS Cluster - “Secure Communicating Solutions”
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