Silicon Eurocluster project selects and launches 12 projects to boost Europe's leadership in microelectronics and nanoelectronics

• The 'Silicon Eurocluster' project was born last year with the aim of contributing to the maintenance of European leadership in the fields of microelectronics, components, and systems, also contributing to a "greener, digital and resilient future in Europe".

• Now, this European alliance of clusters will fund with 80.000€, 12 highly promising proposals in the fields of innovation in microelectronic systems and key technologies such as: radio communications, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, energy harvesting, photonics and sensors.

11th of October 2023.- ; In October 2023, 12 innovation projects selected via a public call and financed within the framework of the 'Silicon Eurocluster' project, started with the aim of boosting technological excellence and reinforcing European independence of the semiconductor industry. The project is developed by member clusters of the 'Silicon Europe Alliance', a partnership which brings together more than 2,000 entities from the European digital sector working to strengthen Europe's position in the field of micro- and nanoelectronics.

Now, 'Silicon Eurocluster' project, will provide funding to 26 applicants from 12 different European countries involved in 12 highly promising proposals through projects addressing microelectronic systems and various key technologies such as: radio communications, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, energy harvesting, photonics, and sensors.

The evaluation of the proposals has been carried out by an independent panel of experts through a call for proposals, guaranteeing the integrity of the selection procedure, quality and experience in the selection of high impact projects. The selected projects are:

  • AIWeeder AI for smart weeding support for farmers (Bulgaria)
  • DDFA Danger Detect & Fatality Avoidance (Austria, Italy)
  • DECT NR+ World first non-cellular private 5G DECT NR+ connectivity for health care applications (Germany)
  • Green-Grid Green Energy Harvesting for a Global IoT-Powered Grid (Spain, France)
  • List and Predict Develop and test IoT sensor boxes (Sweden, Germany)
  • LPS-OCF Open Circuit Finder for Lightning Protection Systems Latvia, Estonia
  • MAISOR Implementation and demonstration of a microelectronics chip for Edge-AI computing into a high-resolution vapor sensor for olive oil classification (France, Spain)
  • NetQRNG NETwork Raspberry Pi-based Quantum Random Number Generator (Belgium, Italy)
  • SEPOC OPV energy harvester for Self-Powered Camera (France, Belgium)
  • SIMPRINT Simplified Mobile Printer with Increased Autonomy (Austria)
  • SollTech Sensor based IoT technology for protecting off-season tourism infrastructure (Slovenia, Croatia)
  • VerIoT System for verification and optimization of emerging IoT RFID (Austria, Germany)

The call attracted the attention of 61 European consortiums from 24 different countries, reflecting the high level of interest in this strategic sector. The 12 selected projects, which will receive funding of 80,000 euros each and will be a collaboration between 2 or 3 partners, will be developed over the next 6- 9 months. Funded activities will include research on technical and design requirements, development of prototypes or demonstration versions of products or services, planning and conducting studies and tests to verify the innovation; as well as research on market conditions, including the identification of customers, customer needs, potential partners, and competitors. As underlined by the Silicon Europe Alliance, the development of these 12 leading projects "is a sign of Europe's continued commitment to maintain its leadership in technology and promote innovation in critical sectors for the future".

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