DECT NR - World first non-cellular private 5G DECT NR+ connectivity for healthcare applications

In the project a low cost and ultra-low power energy-efficient wireless microchip will be developed based on new ETSI DECT NR+ wireless standard (First version released E/2021).

In DECT NR next objectives are sought:

  1. Enable the next level of massive IoT use-cases
  2. Digitise the healthcare ecosystem
  3. Secure critical infrastructure
  4. Regain digital sovereignty in Europe
  5. Support energy transition due to Smart grid installations

Project partners are: Last Mile Semiconductor as technology provider and 6G Health Institute GmbH as industrial user

The integrating medical device data with the HIS could be a solution to the lack of data analytics and secondary us of medical data as the healthcare organizations can leverage advanced analytics tools to gain insights from large volumes of patient data. This can support clinical research, quality improvement initiatives, and population health management efforts.


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