SEPOC: OPV energy harvester for Self-Powered Camera

SEPOC: OPV energy harvester for Self-Powered Camera

The main aim of the project will be to build the world first self-powered IR thermal sensor to be deployed indoor for building energy management.

The consortium will combine an OPV mini panel well-sized in power output and voltage output coupled to a high efficiency Power Management ICs (PMIC). The PMIC function has to track the maximum power point of the OPV and charge a storage element. The above supply source will harvest and deliver energy, targeting to make the camera fully autonomous.

The consortium will develop an optimized free-form PV cell providing enough energy from the indirect reflected and diffused light coming from the walls and the floor. This implies an innovative concept of photovoltaic panel able to harvest from 360° around and with 45° inclination to the floor, a panel with inverted truncated cone.

To be able to manufacture this truncated cone form, a flexible panel having semi ring shape need to be manufactured. DT will explore several possible sizes and design shape to guarantee the best performances and stable output voltage from the panel. Several architectures will be explored:

  1. A panel which has a form of half-a-ring, with equal surfaces cells elements, shaped as trapeze that deliver the required power and voltage output.
  2. Different widths of cells and different electrodes positions will be manufactured and tested in real scenario.
  3. Different cells orientations in order to keep the output voltage stable with an angle of incidence and light intensity variation.

The project brings 3 partners: DRACULA TECNOLOGIES and ORIOMA from France and e-peas from Beldigum

This project is being monitored by Minalogic


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