NetQRNG: NETwork Raspberry Pi-based Quantum Random Number Generator

NetQRNG aims to provide compact quantum secure keys for IoT nodes protection. The first application is for energy communities.

The main output of the project will be a QRNG based demo system able to provide quantum secure keys.

NetQRNG objective is to demonstrate the random number generation technology in an affordable, compact, quantum secure RaspberryPi demo to enable cryptographically secure IoT devices. The long term target application is the secure management of microgrid transactions between prosumers of Energy Communities

The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. Experimentally prove the integration of a low-power, low-area Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) device into a RaspberryPi hardware system. The QRNG silicon-proven prototype is provided by the iQrypto (IQR) project partner. In addition, the partners have experience in hardware development and the target is realistic based on IQR’s previous work with custom PCBs and FPGAs.
  2. To develop a software platform exploiting the RaspberryPi based QRNG and delivering a stream of Quantum-based random numbers at application level. The objective is realistic, thanks to Zerodivision’s long-time experience in software development and server-client solution architecture development.
  3. To define and demonstrate a strategy for larger adoption of the NetQRNG proposed technology

The project brings 2 partners: iQrypto as technology provider, a belgian start up that has developed the QRNG component and Zero Division as industrial partner, which is an italian SME with IoT expertise.

This project is being monitored by Minalogic


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