LPS-OCF: Open Circuit Finder for Lightning Protection Systems

The project aims to develop a Lightning Protection System Open Circuit Finder (LPS-OCF) prototype, utilizing radio communications technology to locate faults in LPS with a precision of 500 mm. The prototype will be tested, validated, and demonstrated in an operational environment, enabling efficient repair of wind turbine rotor blades and potentially benefiting other industries utilizing LPS. Consideration will be given to environmental sustainability and component circularity.

The LPS-OCF will be beyond state-of-the-art providing information on fault location in 500 mm precision and combined with other Aerones robotic arms, enabling faster and more precise inspections and repair options.

The technology developed will promote industry uptake of new environmentally friendly, digital and electronics solutions in the wind energy industry. The LPS-OCF uses radio communications technology to detect LPS fault locations with adjustable frequency range for different wind turbine blades. Technology can be applied in other industries where the LPS is used to locate the exact point of the defect. Technology will be validated in Aerones lab. There will be used serial communications to adjust frequency and amplitude each time since the atmospheric conditions and blades with their LPS cables are different.

The project will be developed by Aerones Engineering from Latvia and Krakul from Estonia

This project is being monitored by TICE.PT


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