Green-Grid project: Green Energy Harvesting for a Global IoT-Powered Grid

In this project, a silicon-based energy harvester will be produced utilizing piezoelectric materials and an in-phase resonator array for heightened scalability, economic feasibility, and sustainable manufacturing.

This technology will propel smart grid applications and Dynamic Line Rating, bolstering renewable integration and power capacity. This signifies the leap forward for sustainable IoT devices enhancing the global energy transition.

Green-Grid aims to evolve our self-powered IoT device by developing an advanced silicon-based energy harvester. The precise objective centers on enhancing the energy capacity of this harvester by a substantial 200%to deliver >100uW of energy density.

This project will be developed by Energiot as the technology provider thanks to their expertise in hardware and IOT technology, Element providing its software and data management skills and Enercal that will provide the energy utility experience.


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