Silicon Europe visits Silicon Saxony

On the occasion of the Silicon Saxony Day , a delegation of over 40 people from various Silicon Europe clusters travelled last week to Dresden , Germany.

There, the #OpenInnovationDay initiated by Silicon Eurocluster took place during the conference with over 150 participants and 150 scheduled one-on-one meetings creating a vibrant platform for exploring potential partnerships and collaborations.

The event was accompanied by a three-day programme with company visits to Bosch, Infineon, GlobalFoundries, different Fraunhofer institutes and Fabmatics among others.

These visits offered invaluable insights into the cutting-edge technologies and groundbreaking research being conducted in Saxony. Countless encounters and discussions took place, further strengthening the bonds between the delegates and the local network. Thank you, Silicon Saxony , for welcoming us so warmly to your network.

MIND4MACHINES | #SiliconEurocluster | #EXCITE Photo by: Tommy Halfter