Silicon Europe Expert Talks: Advice from Cleanroom Technology for Business Continuity in Production

The webinar Business Continuity in Production was part of the series Silicon Europe Expert Talks and builds on the European cluster cooperation in Electronics Based Systems.

Nowadays production needs to mitigate the possible risks of the SARS-CoV-2 infection. Although much has been done in what concerns the counter-measures and regulation, there is still  much room for reflection about how to make manufacturing systems more resistant to contamination threats in the future. By providing updated information and solutions from cleanroom environments & technology, the current webinar aimed at supporting production decisions in what concerns the possible virus transmission in production, the case dependent assessment of the contamination risk, the instances that should be contacted if contamination occurs and the specific solutions that can be embedded in the manufacturing systems.

Expert speakers:

  • Ralf Emberger, SONOSYS
  • Hubert Jarnig, Ortner Cleanrooms Unlimited
  • Emanuel Rothmayr, COMPREI
  • Stefan Radl, TU Graz, Institut für Prozess- und Partikeltechnik

We warmly thank the speakers for sharing their experience and recommendations with the audience and the participants for their interest!

 See the Video here