Participate in the EUREKA Clusters AI Call!

The EUREKA Clusters have launched a Call for innovative projects in the AI domain. The aim of this Call is to boost the productivity & competitiveness of European industries through the adoption and use of AI systems and services.

Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly developing technology with the potential to influence or transform almost every aspect of the economy and society. In-depth knowledge and leadership in developing and applying this powerful capability are necessary to maintain leadership in multiple application areas and take advantage of new opportunities. This AI Call will put you one step ahead!

Succeed with the help of SIlicon Europe

You may have a project or idea that would benefit from partnering with another European company, increasing your chances for success with the EUREKA Clusters AI Call. Click here to find out all about the Call, including how to submit your proposal to the EUREKA body.

Silicon Europe can put you in touch with the right partner to advance your AI project! Contact us now and stand a greater chance of success in submitting your proposal to the EUREKA Clusters AI Call, due 15 June 2020.

or your respective CLUSTER ORGANISATION