Silicon Saxony: Trails of the Dresden Smart Systems Hub help to connect Korea and Europe even more closely

  • On December 7, 2017, a group of Korean scientists and networkers visited the Saxon capital.

On December 7, 2017, a group of Korean scientists and networkers visited the Saxon capital. The newly established Korea Innovation Center-Europe (KIC-Europe) had asked for the meeting. The Silicon Saxony Management GmbH organized the requested leadership on site, presented to the Korean guests the strengths and possibilities of Europe's unique microelectronics and ICT location Saxony. The aim of the delegation trip was an even closer networking of Korean SMEs and start-ups with European high technology and the associated market development. For the first time, a foreign interest group used the trails of the Dresdner Smart Systems Hub - "Enabling IoT" during this visit. Astonished faces and the desire to cooperate even more closely in the future were the reward of an eventful day.


Representatives of the Center for Creative Economy and Innovation (Seoul), the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, the National IT Industry Promotion Agency, the Center for Creative Economy and Innovation (Jeonnam), the Fraunhofer IMW and the KIC-Europe visited on the 7th December 2017 the Saxon capital Dresden and the high-tech network Silicon Saxony. The desire of the KIC-Europe to connect Korea on the one hand and Germany on the other hand in the future even closer together led at short notice to the only in early November requested meeting.

Saxony's growth does not go unnoticed in Korea

The KIC-Europe was finally launched for this very reason. As a door opener for Korean SMEs and start-ups, the center is currently working on the best possible way to explore and develop the European market. Cooperation opportunities and partnerships are to be explored for young, emerging companies from Asia. New technologies and interesting innovations are in demand. Like no other location in Europe, Saxony offers this in a big way. An excellent research and development landscape, unique value-added chains in the field of high technology and impressive growth in the Dresden-Leipzig-Chemnitz region did not go unnoticed even in far-away Korea.

Trails of the Smart Systems Hub - "Enabling IoT" fascinate

Accordingly, Silicon Saxony gladly took advantage of the opportunity to continue its successful internationalization in the direction of the Asian market for several years. In close cooperation with the Smart Systems Hub - "Enabling IoT", a tour was prepared at the location and through important stations of the hub trails established this year. For the first time, foreign networkers were able to gain insight into the hub infrastructure that is still under construction. Especially the topics "Robotic Co-Working" and "Automatic design of IoT components and devices" were in the focus of attention.

KIC-Europe and Silicon Saxony plan more intensive cooperation

From the explanation of the Smart Systems Hub - "Enabling IoT" and its goals by Prof. Aßmann of the TU Dresden over the presentation of robotic, augmented reality and automation technology to the demonstration of the newest smart home solutions - the hub of Dresden showed itself best side. Astonished faces and extensive tests of the technology presented were the result. It quickly became clear that Korea and Saxony have much in common, that closer cooperation promises advantages for both sides. The Korea Innovation Center-Europe and Silicon Saxony see the first meeting as a prelude to a hopefully long and mutually fruitful collaboration. An important success, also for Dresden's just emerging Smart Systems Hub.

Special thanks go to Prof. Aßmann, Professorship Software Technology at the TU Dresden, and the Faculty of Computer Science. Without their commitment, the tour through the trails in such a short time would not have been possible.  

Photo: Silicon Saxony