C2Lab: Build the business case for your innovative idea!


Do you have a ground-breaking idea for your next project? Come to the C2Lab! We invite you to an interactive workshop to find collaboration partners, mature your project idea, and build the business case.

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform, in collaboration with Clusters of Sweden, is organising the Cluster Collaboration Lab #2 in Lund, Sweden, on 21-22 March 2023. It is open to cluster organisations, companies, research organisations, actors from the civil society, and other interested entities. Before and during the lab, the participants will team up and develop together their project based on the ideas that they bring to the workshop.

The C2Lab is open to participants from the European Union and the SMP/COSME countries.

Travel and accommodation costs to participate in the C2Lab will not be covered by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform.

How does the C2Lab work?

The C2Lab is a co-creation space and counts on your active participation. The aim is to mature project ideas and build business cases with other participants, potentially from other regions, countries, or sectors, which will be further implemented after the lab itself. Based on the project ideas that are submitted during the registration process, the C2Lab team will create working groups that share similar areas of interests or that could tackle similar challenges. You will also have the opportunity to contact other participants before the event to initiate new collaborations.

During the C2Lab, a moderation team will guide the working groups and support with the definition of next steps to put your ideas into practice. The team will follow up with you after the event and help with challenges you might face to start the implementation.

What kind of projects are we looking for?

We are open for your ideas! The projects developed at the C2Lab should support the green and digital transition and increase the resilience of the European industry. This time, the focus is on:

  • Energy transition: Creating advanced and innovative solutions in green technology, energy efficiency and fossil-free industry, that contribute to the global energy transition.
  • Circular economy: Developing economically and environmentally sustainable and circular business solutions.
  • Open strand: Any idea related to the green and digital transition and increasing resilience of the European industrial ecosystems.

Please bear in mind possible synergies with existing projects and initiatives, and if you like to address a similar idea, consider how to collaborate and build on the existing work.

Join the Sweden Innovation Days

This C2Lab is organised in the context of the Sweden Innovation Days. This online event will focus on how to enable innovation that has a positive impact on our society, environment, and economy. Despite Sweden being a climate front runner, there is still a responsibility to contribute to the Global Goals. The primary goal is to provide an international platform to share best practices, knowledge and meet innovation partners.

You are invited to participate in this event, which continues after the end of the C2Lab. Please sign up for attending.


Please register to participate in the C2Lab: Registration C2Lab Lund

If you already have a project idea, however rough, please don´t hesitate to share this idea in the registration form.

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Check out the preliminary agenda here.

Practical information for accommodation, transportation, and meeting points on the days of the event, could be found in the Participants booklet.