Smart Systems Integration Conference and Exhibition 2022

From March 28 to 30, 2023, a special conference highlight awaits the European tech community in Bruges, Belgium. The European Advanced Process Control and Manufacturing (apc|m) Conference and the Smart Systems Integration Conference & Exhibition (SSI) will be held at the same time in the Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre. Save this date in your calendar already now. Look forward to completely new networking and participation opportunities in these two different, yet closely related technology areas.

For the first time, both conferences and their sessions will be open to all visitors in Bruges. Together, they will tour Europe in the coming years. In addition to the closely linked conference areas, the exhibition spaces and networking and evening events of both conferences will then offer new opportunities to share and discuss solutions, products and research results. Synergies are the goal to connect the European tech community ever closer.


About the Smart Systems Integration Conference and Exhibition (SSI)

SSI addresses all systems integration aspects. This includes integration of different functionalities, heterointegration, packaging, software integration including firmware as well as reliability and safety aspects. It is the platform for networking of the different experts on the one hand from the hardware and software area, on the other hand from the different levels of the products, from System-on-Chip over System-in-a-Package up to System-of-Systems for different application domains.

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Smart Systems Integration

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