15th Silicon Saxony Day

"Connect. Exchange. Grow."
- under this motto the 15th Silicon Saxony Day invites all technology-interested participants to the Hopin platform on May 27, 2021. Due to the still tense situation worldwide, the internationally known high-tech congress will be transferred into a virtual event concept for the first time.

More than 80 speakers will present use cases, best practices, solutions and know-how in the areas of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Digital Twins, Artificial Intelligence, Trusted Electronics, IC Design, Robotics, RFID Solutions and Materials & Technologies in two keynotes, various expert sessions and the mini-event "Science meets Industry". In addition to the open exchange of knowledge and technology, networking will also be the focus in 2021. Meet exciting people from large companies, SMEs, start-ups, research institutes, universities and numerous other institutions. And all this at an unbeatable low price (members: 99,- Euro; non-members 139,- Euro).

For the latest information on the event, please visit our event Website.


Why should you participate?

The 15th Silicon Saxony Day offers developers, producers and users of information and communication technologies a platform for professional exchange. Experts in the fields of hardware, software and connectivity will meet like-minded people. In addition to companies, institutions and individuals, the focus will be on keynotes, expert sessions, roadmaps, challenges, lessons learned, use cases, new business models and best practices.

Five reasons to participate in the 15th Silicon Saxony Day:

  1. benefit from the know-how of experienced ICT and microelectronics specialists
  2. gain insights into and perspectives on technologies, products and solutions in the high-tech sector
  3. network with CEOs, decision-makers, researchers, engineers, scientists and many more from relevant national and international companies, universities, networks, authorities and institutions
  4. promote your service portfolio and know-how in the ICT community
  5. find solutions for your current and future challenges