Corperate Venture Exchange - Albany NY

The mission for the exchange is three-fold:

  • Accelerate Technology Commercialization!
  • Introduce early-stage technology companies in the Advanced Electronics space to equity funding sources.
  • Facilitate relationships between Regional Innovation Ecosystem Members in Northeast North America, New York and Globally to large Corporate Venture Organizations operating in the Advanced Electronics arena.

Corporate Venture Orgs Expected

Applied Ventures, Intel Capital, TEL Ventures, Micron Capital, Spirit Ventures, IBM Capital, NYS

Expect a total of 20 funding Organizations

  • Target Investment $2M-$100M

Target Company Parameters (Note! $500 fee for Companies)

  • Advanced Electronic (AE) Device Driven
  • Smart Grid, Medical Devices, Autonomous Operations, Advanced Communications, Sensor Arrays, AI Device Tech, Edge Compute Aps, Fabless IC Companies, Defense Technologies, etc.
  • AE Process Equipment platforms, AE New Process Materials
  • Early Stage
  • Proto-type Device Data
  • Could be Pre-revenue with Grant Flow
  • Target 40 Companies

Contacts for registration

LaMar Hill
President’s Office NY CREATES
Albany NanoTech Campus

Bruce Toyama
Director AI