High-Tech Systems 2019

Smart manufacturing, Advanced thermal design, Optomechatronics

High-Tech Systems is a conference with the focus on high-end system engineering and disruptive mechatronics. The conference programme focuses on high-end system development for markets where smart engineering and technology make a difference. The target audience consists of developers, technical managers and decision makers in the advanced mechanical engineering. At the sponsor area there is the opportunity to meet people and companies that can help you with the development, production and marketing of complex systems.

High-Tech Systems is a meeting place for high tech professionals and technical decision makers. HTS offers these professionals an excellent conference programme on close collaboration between organizations. The programme is compiled by an independent committee of experts and professionals from the high-tech systems practice. The conference is an ideal place to exchange information with equals, to find inspiration and to build new relationships. It takes place yearly in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

This years conference covers the following topics:

Smart manufacturing

Internet of things is the buzzword in recent years. Now it’s time to translate the visionary concepts to production plants. How can we smarten up the manufacturing process? Several inspiring examples will be presented.

Advanced thermal design

It is impossible to design ultra-precise mechatronic systems when you ignore the omnipresent thermal effects. However, many developers lack the required in-depth knowledge to compensate for this disturbances. Learn from the top experts how to avoid troublesome thermal issues.


The barrier between the optical and mechatronic designers is crumbling down. They cannot develop an optimal system without communicating with each other. Learn to speak the common language at High-Tech Systems 2019.

More information:

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