Advanced Electronics Webinar #2: Medical Devices

The networks Silicon Europe and NY Loves Nanotech launched a joint webinar series. For the second webinar in the Advanced Electronics Business Connection Forum series, FuzeHub and Silicon Europe are hosting a discussion about the growth of electronics integration into medical devices, driven by the burgeoning digital health market and other factors.

You’ll hear from New York State and European companies with leading medical device innovations, as well as economic development organizations that are facilitating trans-Atlantic advanced electronics B2B connections.

Thursday, July 26th
9:00 - 10:00am EDT / 3:00 - 4:00pm CEST

Presentation Recordings

FuzeHub is a partner of New York Loves Nanotech, a consortium of organizations and companies who have joined forces to promote New York and all the state has to offer to high-tech industries. For nearly 20 years, New York Loves Nanotech has had a relationship with the industry cluster organizations comprising Silicon Europe, which represent over 2,500 member companies, primarily SMEs.

Silicon Europe has a close cooperation with NY Loves Nanotech and actively supports this webinar series connecting North American and European cluster organizations and their ecosystems. The webinar series is in line with Silicon Europe's long term goal: an expansion of activities on an international level.