Advanced Electronics Webinar #1


The networks Silicon Europe and NY loves Nanotech launch a joint webinar series. In this first issue, you'll learn about New York's high tech industry and SME support offerings, and you'll have the opportunity in the subsequent Q & A session for your individual questions about the regions and initiatives. Fuzehub, an important partner of NY loves Nanotech, will organize the webinars.

On this webinar, you’ll learn about these groups’ activities to support and promote companies in the advanced electronics ecosystem on a global level, and hear from companies that have leveraged these relationships. So become engaged in an initiative to make B2B connections among clusters across Europe and North America, particularly New York State and the Silicon Europe partners. This is the first in a series, and future webinars will focus on specific advanced electronics industry areas, from autonomous operations to smart cities to health applications.




FuzeHub is a partner of New York Loves Nanotech, a consortium of organizations and companies who have joined forces to promote New York and all the state has to offer to high-tech industries. For nearly 20 years, New York Loves Nanotech has had a relationship with the industry cluster organizations comprising Silicon Europe, which represent over 3,000 member companies, primarily SMEs.

Silicon Europe has a close cooperation with NY loves Nanotech and actively supports this webinar series connecting North American and European cluster organizations and their ecosystems.