• Ville de Grenoble
  • Eurogrant
  • AEPI – Grenoble-Isere Economic Development Agency
  • Silicon Saxony
  • Business Cluster Semiconductors
  • Brabant Development Agency (BOM)
  • me2c – [micro] electronic cluster
  • Development Agency East Netherlands (Oost NV)
  • Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT)
  • Holland High Tech

Developing a Leading-Edge European Micro- and Nanoelectronics Cluster for Energy Efficient ICT

The Silicon Europe Project

Silicon Europe

Silicon Europe – The Leaders for Innovative Electronics An alliance of Europe’s leading micro- and nanoelectronics clusters Micro- and nanoelectronics are essential for...

Saxony / Germany

A strong microelectronics site leading in energy-efficient technology innovations Innovations in micro- and nanoelectronics are key for the modern...

Flanders / Belgium

A Cluster of Excellence in Smart Systems. DSP Valley is a European cluster of excellence in smart systems and embedded technology solutions, mainly active...

Rhône-Alpes / France

Welcome to the “smart valley”! Key Enabling Techonologies (KETs) as defined by the European Commission and endorsed at EU Level are crucially...

Carinthia / Austria

On the basis of a well settled landscape of small and medium enterprises, a range of internationally operating leading companies and a well-established R&D-sector, Austria became a centre for innovations in core fields of technology in the heart of Europe.


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