DSP Valley

DSP Valley is an independent cluster of excellence in smart electronic systems and embedded technology solutions. DSP Valley groups 100+ members: universities, research institutes and companies, from small start-ups, over SMEs to large international groups with a local R&D activity. DSP Valley offers its members a networking platform that allows them to explore each other's expertise and that stimulates innovation by exploiting complementarities.

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Gaston Greenslaan 9
B-3001 Leuven
Web www.dspvalley.com


Peter Simkens
Managing Director
Tel.: +32 16 24 14 44
Fax.: +32 16 24 14 49
E-mail: peter.simkens@dspvalley.com


Johan Lecocq
Project Coordinator
Tel.: +32 16 21 14 10
Fax.: +32 16 24 14 49
E-mail: johan.lecocq@dspvalley.com