DSP Valley

DSP Valley is the Benelux business network for companies creating and applying electronic solutions and digital technology. Home to those that see their business change because of digitization, home to providers of technology solutions, home to integrators that can pull things together.  We engage in collaborative business development, complementing each individual company’s efforts to acquire new business. We look at the overall potential of digital technology across a value chain, exploring areas beyond the perspective of a single company, and engaging in discussions with stakeholders that are best reached in a collective manner.

DSP Valley unites technology providers to work on components and platforms for the future, within target application areas of widely accepted high value: our healthcare system, the organization of our societies, our industrial capabilities and our mobility challenge.  In these programmes, we actively seek how digital technology can bring benefit and strengthen our solution providers.

DSP Valley is headquartered in Leuven and has subsidiaries in Eindhoven and Antwerpen.

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