Silicon Europe – The Leaders for Innovative Electronics

An alliance of Europe’s leading micro- and nanoelectronics clusters

Micro- and nanoelectronics are essential for the prosperity of Europe

Micro- and nanoelectronics are everywhere. Without this technology, we would have no computers, mobile phones, household appliances or motor vehicles. Further down the value chain, electronic components also contribute to the improvement of manufacturing processes and thereby enable new technologies to evolve. There is truly no denying that micro-and nanoelectronics are a key driver for innovation in almost all sectors and industrial fields. The European Commission, by designating micro- and nanoelectronics as one of Europe’s Key Enabling Technologies, acknowledges the importance of the sector for the development of industry in Europe as well as for the future prosperity of the entire continent.

Micro- and Nanoelectronics are essential for sustainable growth

As a Key Enabling Technology, micro- and nanoelectronics, including the use and production of semiconductors, are essential for all goods and services which need intelligent control and communication. This applies to sectors as diverse as transportation (including automotive and aeronautics), health, security and energy. Smart industrial control systems allow for more efficient management of electricity generation, storage, transport and consumption through intelligent electrical grids and devices. To counteract the increased global demand for energy and to avoid undesirable environmental consequences, more intelligent and efficient management of conventional fuels and their utilization is necessary and this is where micro- and nanoelectronics become indispensable.

A cluster alliance driving the evolution of the European micro- and nanoelectronics industry

Silicon Europe brings together the technological expertise and resources of Europe’s leading players in micro- and nanoelectronics. Five renowned European clusters have joined forces with the objective of bolstering Europe’s position as the world’s leading center for innovative electronics while effectively working to counteract societal challenges by developing solutions such as clean, secure and efficient energy supply or smart, green and integrated transport systems. Europe’s microelectronic sites are globally recognized for their prowess in developing and using semiconductors and innovative electronics. Silicon Europe unites the strongest European clusters to form a European alliance with access to the most advanced technologies and expertise at all levels of the micro- and nanoelectronics value chain. This “cluster of clusters” stands for a whole new level of transnational collaboration and a combined innovative strength that will significantly contribute to the future competitiveness of the European economy.

Silicon Europe: combined forces for global competitiveness and to combat global challenges

The key players in research, industry and administration have joined forces in utilizing one of Europe’s fundamental competitive advantages: its competencies in innovative electronics. The cutting-edge technology coming out of these clusters allows for Europe to secure and further strengthen its strong global position in the micro-and nanoelectronics industry and to combat the dramatic increase of the global demand for energy.

Technological know-how needs political support

Silicon Europe is not alone in its vision for innovative electronics in Europe. The project is backed by political support at the local, national and European levels. In designating micro- and nanoelectronics as a Key Enabling Technology and by establishing the Multi Key Enabling Technologies Pilot lines projects, the European Commission has shown its continuing support for the industry and taken the initiative to develop a project to enable innovative technology to leave the drawing board and to be transformed into marketable products. The partners of Silicon Europe share the vision and the responsibility of the European Commission in supporting businesses in the micro- and nanoelectronics industry in their development and growth, by opening up new markets and opportunities at a global level and by attracting talented individuals to the field.

What can Silicon Europe do for you?

A One-Stop Shop for innovative electronic solutions with high added value

Silicon Europe is a unique entry point to a comprehensive network of key players in the field of micro- and nanoelectronics in Europe, operating with the full support of the European community.
Silicon Europe covers the whole value chain of micro- and nanoelectronics, from design and manufacturing up to application level.
Silicon Europe is committed to developing energy-efficient micro- and nanoelectronics solutions to global challenges

Silicon Europe offers:

  • A fast track for establishing successful partnerships with Europe´s top micro- and nanoelectronics public and private research institutes and companies.
  • Access to top-class expertise and talents as well as to the most advanced technologies at all stages of the micro- and nanoelectronics value chain.
  • A Europe-wide platform where leading industrial players, dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises and cutting-edge startups come together.

A transnational Cluster Alliance

Silicon Europe stands for a new, industry-led level of transnational collaboration. It transfers the national cluster concept – strong cooperation across organizational and institutional borders – onto a transnational level.
Silicon Europe aims at maximizing previously unused synergies between clusters and strengthening the activities of the cluster alliance and their members as a whole.
The Silicon Europe project was launched to permit the strongest European micro- and nanoelectronics clusters to come together to create a common roadmap for action at the European and international levels.

Silicon Europe´s voice is heard in Brussels

EU launches “New European Industrial Strategy for Electronics”

Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission for the Digital Agenda, announced that the EU wants to “cut the current fragmented landscape, connect up players along the value chain, from design to production equipment to production itself, and make Europe a global powerhouse for electronics.”. To enable Europe to reach this goal, on May 24th 2013, the European Commission launched a campaign for coordinated public investments in micro- and nanoelectronics aiming to mobilize a further EUR 100 billion in new private investments. These funds are intended to support the entire micro- and nanoelectronics value chain in Europe.

Silicon Europe – Shaping the European micro- and nanoelectronics landscape

In the coming years, we will see the launch of a number of new European projects within the framework of Horizon 2020 and ECSEL, for example. Silicon Europe will not only promote and actively participate in the implementation of these programs, but has also established a role as the voice of SMEs in its communication with the European Commission and plans to play a role in the conception of new programs.